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Classic lashes



Full set of 1:1 Lash extensions. 

One extension is applied to one of your natural lashes. 

Giving you a natural masara look

and an instant transformation.

 Allow 120 mins.


Light @ 60 mins $60

 Medium @ 75mins $70 

Heavy @ 90mins  $80

Hybrid Lashes



Hybrids are a mid range set that blends both classic and 3D /4D Volume using premade volume fans

This is perfect for ladies who want more than classics.with.a little bit of volume. Giving you a little more of a fuller look

Allow 120 mins.


Light @ 60 mins $75

Medium @ 75mins $85 

Heavy @ 90mins  $95

3D-4DVolume Lashes



This option is for ladies who like the Russian Volume look but cannot lie down for 3 hours or more or who are budget savvy.

This Set uses high quality premade 3D - 4D fans giving you more of a glamour look.

Allow 150 mins.


Light @ 60 mins $80

Medium @ 75mins $90

Heavy @ 90mins  $100

Premium Volume Lashes





This option is for ladies who love a fuller, thicker Volume set. 

This Set uses the highest of quality premade 5D - 6D fans giving you more of a luxurious look.

Allow 150 mins.


Light @ 90mins $100

Medium @ 105mins $120 

Heavy @ 120mins  $140

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Lash extension Removal



Lashes are gently removed with an adhesive cream remover.

Allow 30 to 60 mins

Free with the application of a new set.

EyeMake up Removal



We ask you to please come with make up free eyes so that you do not have to incur this charge. If your lashes are covered in mascara this will also take time off your service as I will need to clean your lashes.

Lash Tint



Recommended for fair and blonde lashes prior to your Lash extension treatment.

FREE Mandatory Patch test required at least 24 hours before tinting. (Service Menu)

No test no tint

Spray Tans


Spray tan with a friend and save $5 off each of your tans .

Why do I choose Colour Me Bronze Tanning Products?


  • Australian made and manufactured.
  • 100% original solution.
  • Not a rebrand/private label of another product. 
  • Cruelty free and palm oil free.
  • Paraben, Propylene Glycol,   Formaldehyde free.
  • True Ethanol free product.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Contain natural and organic ingredients.
  • Hydrating to the skin with minimal wash off.
  • Gives intense results and fades naturally, never patchy.
  • Long lasting results.
  • Non-sticky.